FANS + AIRFLOW

As the fall season arrives everyone recognizes that stink bugs are searching for a place to "winter" over so that they can continue their species next season. Your home is that perfect place. As these critters are crawling all over your dwelling, lots of folks have claimed that color, the direction your house faces and whether it might be near a forest or not, are factors in -- will I have stink bugs or not ? - After a whole bunch of work it seems that all they are really looking for is an entry point, and it's very likely they are using heat and/or smell leaking from our homes to find that entry point.


In the You Tube video posted, I have described using a common household window fan as an air moving tool. The object of this "stink bug attracting" method is as follows.  Using 2 windows ONLY, you will create an airflow through your building.  Giving stink bugs "one spot" to gather makes using this trapping method much easier.  When using airflow at any given window it is best to choose a 1st floor location for the exiting air, because accessibility to your trap is easiest. The fan can be on the 2nd floor blowing air in or the 1st floor blowing air out.  What is important is that while you are doing this method - ALL OTHER DOORS AND WINDOWS are closed.  Creating a positive flow of interior air to attract stink bugs to the trapping window is vital.


For those of you who are a little aware of your world around you, keep in mind the general direction of PREVAILING WIND. If you can use the wind to your advantage to create airflow in and out of your home - use it - try not to have fans battling with the breezes.



I also want to mention that even though in the morning, you may not see any stink bugs. As the daytime air temperatures rise, the hibernation senses of the stink bug kicks right in. In a matter of a couple hours there could be thousands on the house depending on your location and the "timing" of the fall season.This new trap design will hold hundreds at a time and if the temperatures are right - they will come -  Be sure to empty traps when you have alot of activity. This new design has much more capacity than the old traps and stink bugs love to stay in them. If they get wet from rain,it's only cardboard, try to keep them dry. When it's time to empty them, popping these traps into a plastic trash bag and putting them in a freezer is best, their chances of spraying their "stink" while you are removing them is reduced to zero {they're dead}.  We all love that and the trap is unscented and reuseable.